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About Wellbeing Therapies

Employees to feel valued, de-stressed and cared for. 100% positive feedback on this service. Lots of organisations use these sessions on a regular basis (weekly/monthly/quarterly) or they can be used for focussed wellbeing days/weeks.

Our Approach

We offer ALL aspects of wellbeing under one umbrella. From wellbeing therapies to mental health first aid training, and health screening to training and wellbeing away days and retreats.

Wellbeing days start from £250

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Wellbeing Days

Our Wellbeing days fit into your workplace. We work with you and fit our workshops into yourworkplace.

Additional Services

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We care and work with each individual organisation to tailor your health and wellbeing programme and integrate it into your workplace.

(Mental Health England accredited) can we use the MHFA England logo please? From half day Mental Health Awareness to 2 day Mental Health First Aid Training, this training is vital for every workplace

Gives your employees the help and support they need if they are experiencing stress and anxiety surrounding work, work life balance or specific issues. We work on recognising triggers and breaking these down, then putting specific coping strategies in place

A range of tests and checks to help identify risks to health and improve wellbeing amongst staff. This is of benefit to both employees and the organisations they work for. An organisation would benefit from supporting the health and wellbeing of the workforce through screening because it can identify health problems early on when easier to treat and give advice on health and wellbeing as a preventative measure. This also offers long lasting benefits to employees. Also: smoking cessation, nutrition advice, alcohol and drug awareness information


A proactive programme designed to help individuals and organisations that have an increased risk of exposure to traumatic events. A central component of the course is to enable positive adaptation in the event of a critical incident and a swift return to normal functioning levels.
Discover the importance of wellbeing in the workplace and open up ideas for how you can develop and master this with our introduction to wellbeing days (suitable for all employees) or envelope you and your team in our 4 night retreat to totally immerse you into the wonders of wellbeing and how incredibly important it is to maintain a happy and productive workforce (designed for board members, leadership teams and managers)

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